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 History Of Acting

Acting can be traced back to 4000 BC, when it’s believed that Egyptian priests worshiped the dead by remembering them in performances. So while acting may have begun as an element of religion it slowly evolved to become entertainment.

Thespis introduced dramatic impersonation to Athens in 560 BC. 30 years later he won the first dramatic competition and is considered to be the world's first actor. What was considered very good acting in ancient times—with actors using masks and exaggerated physical gestures to convey emotion—is today considered performance art or even mime. Acting, as we recognize it today, didn’t begin until 16th Century Italy when actors worked together to play out a story. Even then, performances were a far cry from what’s familiar to theatre and movie audiences in modern times.

Back in 1895, Louis Lumiéres changed the craft of acting forever when he introduced the first motion picture to the public. Although the film, La Sortie d'usine, was nothing more than a train moving on its tracks, the impact of his work on the future of acting was momentous. Until that time, it was not possible to capture a performance for future viewing. A great performance could only be experienced live, becoming nothing more than a memory after that.

Theatre actors always seek to deliver realistic and moving performances, yet the demand of absolute authenticity on a film actor is so great that most theatre actors find it necessary to hone their craft specifically for the demands of modern filmmaking to deliver good performances in this medium.

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